Our Story

Theodore Costa
Co-founder and Owner

When Ted & Pat were up late one summer night, the sight of a coffee bag on a friend’s counter stole their collective attention.  They were losing steam, and the night ahead of them was a long one, so brewing a few cups seemed the only option available.

The two had always relished in the delights, the aromas, and the tastes of a good cup of coffee; but with these particular cups a fresh idea began to brew….

They sipped their coffee, they looked at one another;

“We can do this,” one said to the other.

“Yes we can – but only if we have fun and do it right,” the other said to the one.

And thus, in a single moment, on a warm summer night, Good Guys Coffee Company took its roots in the City of Brotherly Love itself – Philadelphia, PA.


Patrick Lyon
Co-founder and Owner